How you can help

Holiday Hampers

Support local families


Do your part by sponsoring the program or by making a charitable donation. Some groups might even choose to make a friendly competition by challenging their teams to build hampers, adding to the ‘Festive Fun’.


Support local families by giving a charitable cash gift or gift card / certificate to a local grocery store (i.e., President’s Choice).

A little ‘Festive Fun’ (a family gift): $50
A Holiday Hamper for a small family (2-3 people): $250
A Holiday Hamper for a medium family (4-5 people): $375
A Holiday Hamper for a large family (6-8 people): $500

Make your holiday commitment today and put smiles on faces across Ottawa this holiday season.




BGC Ottawa
Holiday Hampers Program
c/o Ron Kolbus Clubhouse
2825 Dumaurier Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2B 7W3

By choosing to give a cash gift, staff can easily customize hampers, and make last-minute changes to truly meet the specific and changing needs of families this season of giving. All gifts are welcome and most appreciated.

Note: Funds raised will be used to purchase items for customized Holiday Hampers for local families in need. All donations received over the campaign goal of $25,000 will be used for urgent and critical needs.

Make your OWN HAMPER

If you are interested in making your own hamper for a family in need, click here for more information.

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To learn more, please contact:
Annie Premachuk
Acting Manager, Advancement
1-888-824-0183 Ext. 1224

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