The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa has seven locations throughout Ottawa, including three main Clubhouses and four satellite locations. The Club also operates Camp Smitty (formerly Camp Minnwassin), located near Eganville, Ontario. Our Ottawa locations are as follows:

Main Clubhouse: Ron Kolbus Clubhouse (2825 Dumaurier Ave.) Ph: 613-232-0925
Satellite:Rochester (250 Cambridge St. North) Ph: 613-315-2786

Main Clubhouse: Don McGahan Clubhouse (430 McArthur Ave.) Ph: 613-746-8517
Satellites: Heatherington (1495 Heatherington Rd.) Ph: 613-746-8517, Gloucester High School (2060 Ogilvie Rd.) Ph: 613-746-8517

Main Clubhouse: Tomlinson Family Foundation Clubhouse (TFFC) (1463 Prince of Wales Dr.) Ph: 613-727-5398Satellite: Ridgemont High School (2597 Alta Vista Dr.) Ph: 613-727-5398

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