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Chief Executive Officer
Adam Joiner
Please contact Virgilia for booking and other inquiries.
Executive Assistant
Virgilia Partridge, 613-875-9867
vpartridge (

Donations, Media & Communications

Chief Advancement Officer
Jonelle Istead, Ext. 1232
jistead (
(Media contact)
Associate Director, Grants and Corporate Partnerships
Olu Akinwumi, Ext. 1243
oakinwumi (
Advancement Officer
Annie Premachuk, Ext. 1224
apremachuk (
Senior Manager, Communications and Events
Amanda Nigh
anigh (


Chief Programs Officer 
Medin Admasu
Please contact Virgilia for booking and other inquiries.
Senior Manager, Program Services 
Laura Jones, 613-868-0246
ljones (
Senior Manager, Program Operations 
Lisa Olmstead, Ext. 2222
lolmstead (
Senior Manager, Community Outreach 
Tom Scholberg, Ext. 1225
tscholberg (
Scholarship Coordinator
Sohrab Shalileh, Ext. 1242
sohrab.shalileh ( 
Senior Manager, Equity 
Jamila Ahmed, 613-880-1174
jahmed (


Ron Kolbus Clubhouse Manager 
Tim Boisvert, Ext. 1227
tboisvert (
Don McGahan Clubhouse Manager
Paul Beauchamp, Ext. 2223
pbeauchamp (
Tomlinson Family Foundation Clubhouse Manager
Sarah Cybulski, Ext. 3224
scybulski (
Taggart Parkes Foundation Clubhouse Manager
Tammy Larocque, Ext. 4201
tlarocque (

Corporate Services

Chief Financial Officer (Interim)
Jan O'Donnell
jodonnell (
Supervisor, Accounting
Ling Wang, Ext. 1233
lwang (
Yi Jiang, Ext. 1235
yjiang (
IT Specialist 
Sohrab Shalileh, Ext. 1242
sohrab.shalileh (
Database Specialist
Providence Uwimana Rukundo, Ext. 1238
prukundo (
Financial Analyst
Nour El Houda Ines
nelhoudaines (
Senior Manager, Facilities
Dan Rees, 613-809-5398
drees (
Accounting Analyst
Dmytro Kocherha
dkocherha (
Systems & Support Manager
Virgilia Partridge, 613-875-9867
vpartridge (

People and Culture

Director, People & Culture
Laura Milsom, Ext. 1247
lmilsom (
Snr. People & Culture, Generalist
April Clavel - Cholette
accholette (
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator 
Lisa Graves 
lgraves (
Talent Development Specialist
Melissa Marion
mmarion (


Administrative Office

1-888-824-0183 – press 9 to donate

Ron Kolbus Clubhouse


Don McGahan Clubhouse

613-746-8517 ext 2000

Tomlinson Family Foundation Clubhouse


Taggart Parkes Family Clubhouse



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Ottawa, ON
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