Third-Party Events

How your event makes a difference

BGC Ottawa programs are based on four programming pillars – Education, Physical Activity/Healthy lifestyle, Leadership and Social Skills and Creative Arts – that have been proven to change the lives of many children and youth. These pillars provide quality, engaging and accessible programs that positively shape the futures of Members. By offering programs and services at no cost, Members can focus on learning and working hard on the things that interest them the most.We heard from a nine-year-old girl, inspired to do something to help the Club. Motivated by a family friends' promise of a matching gift, the nine-year-old raised $500 on her own and made her friend make good on his promise. Total donation: over $1,000!

Donations given to BGC Ottawa go directly to serving Members in our 11 locations including Camp Smitty, Virtual Program and Neighbourhood Ambassador Program. Staff and volunteers are trained to provide excellent services and resources to Members in a safe space in our after-school and weekend programs.

Hosting your event

Fundraising is a great way to support and donate to BGC Ottawa. Here are a few ways you can fundraise for us:
  • Celebrate your birthdays, Retirement Party and Anniversaries with us. Ask your family and friends to donate to BGC Ottawa in lieu of gifts.
  • Have a Barbeque, Spring Sale or a Street Party.
  • Host a gala, live shows or festivals.
  • Consider virtual events like online quiz/trivia night or a virtual talent show.

Ready to start planning your event?

Our Third Party Event Toolkit outlines everything you need to know to make your event a BIG success. View the Third-Party Event Toolkit by clicking here .

Once you complete this online community registration form, a staff member will be in touch shortly to assist you in your fundraising.

Interested in holding your own event, but don't know where to start? 


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