Meet Kim

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Click here to read Kim Lamont's story and find out why she's one of the BGCO's many incredible and dedicated volunteers.

Meet Gabby

Ashbury Volunteer Bus

"The Club Members have motivated and inspired me as much as I've motivated and inspired them. I’ve learnt that it’s so important for all of us to value each other’s differences, as hard as it can be. We have to embrace them – and that is exactly what the Club teaches all of us to do, as a Member, as a volunteer and as a community." - Gabby Hicks, 16 years old.

Gabby is an Ashbury College student and Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa volunteer. Over the last three years, Gabby has dedicated her time to volunteer at the Don McGahan Clubhouse during the school year and summer, as well as to help expand a program. Under her lead, Ashbury students were mobilized to volunteer at the Don McGahan Clubhouse on a weekly basis to support a variety of programs, with an emphasis on supporting our education program pillar. Click here to read her story!

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