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Members & volunteers

Volunteering with your local Club

405 J Dec Vol Kim Lamont 1 Web Lg

Click here to read Kim Lamont's story and find out why she's one of the BGCO's many incredible and dedicated volunteers.

Writing and creating a music video

Pathways-To-Education partnered with the BGCO and MASC to run a songwriting and music production project. Twelve youth had the chance to participate and create original songs and music videos. 

Teaching Music

This member learned how to play this song, in one lesson with our volunteer.

Leaders 4 Life

Leaders-4-Life is about building character and developing leaders.

Planting a Garden at the BGCO

In 2014, Restauranteur Stephen Beckta helps BGCO members to plant a garden

Walk this way

Walk this Way is a program that offers youth the freedom to be physically active in a less competitive nature.

Creative Arts: Music Room

How music is an integral part of the Creative arts program at BGCO

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